Contractual Services

CCGISC assists public and private entities with their GIS needs. The CCGISC offers a combined total of over 80 years of staff experience in the GIS/geospatial industry in a wide variety of areas of expertise. CCGISC staff rates are based on the type of service provided i.e. programming, analysis, editing, map creation, etc. Please see the listing below for a summary of projects. For more information please contact our office at 217.819.3555 or via email at

Ongoing Services and Projects

  • Piatt County
    CCGISC offers on-going full service GIS support to Piatt County. This includes GIS data creation and maintenance (parcels, municipal boundaries, zonings, drainage districts, address points, points of interest, etc.), the development of an annual interactive tax map book, a public and subscription based web mapping site, and data policy and agreements.
  • Village of Mahomet
    CCGISC assists the Village of Mahomet with its GIS needs on an as needed basis. Items include data organization, creation and maintenance, technical support, and training.
  • City of Champaign
    The City of Champaign enters an annual agreement with CCGISC to provide additional on-site staff to assist the City of Champaign with data maintenance, collection, and creation.
  • Urbana-Champaign Sanitary District
    CCGISC coordinates with the municipalities that utilize the UCSD waste water treatment facilities to maintain a system wide sanitary sewer geometric network and annual system map.

Past Services and Projects

  • Champaign County Regional Planning Commission
    Completed the Hazus analysis, map and table generation for the Champaign County Hazard Mitigation Plan (2010 & 2015)
  • Urbana School District
    Assisted USD with the redistricting of both the attendance areas and school board districts based on the 2010 census and the USD population location
    This was a joint project with the Regional Planning Commission
  • Urbana Park District
    Geocoded Urbana Park District program participants and generated a map to illustrate the spatial distribution
  • Carle Foundation Hospital
    Identified marketing areas within Champaign County for the Carle Community Care Discount Program
  • City of Urbana
    Developed address point layer for the City of Urbana
  • METCAD – Champaign County-wide Emergency Dispatch Center
    Developed numerous QC/QA scripts that ensures the street centerline and address point data meet the requirements of their computer aided dispatch system (CAD)
  • Champaign County Emergency Management Agency (EMA)
    Implemented a GIS presence in the Emergency Operations Center including GIS maps (digital and paper), software and data
  • Piatt County Highway Department
    Completed County-wide street sign inventory using GPS and database collection system